TBM Refurbishment

Be Ready For New Project

E-Berk performs the revisions of TBMs and Cutter Heads which completed their projects and need redesign in accordance with the geological conditions for new projects. We refurbish the machines by following a careful inspection procedure and bring them to a brand-new condition.




Being a crucial factor in influencing the performance of full-face Tunnel Boring Machine, the cutter head design is one of the key factors of TBM.
The cutter head needs to be designed according to geological conditions and construction requirements of tunneling. Thus, the cutter head design is a complex issue of engineering system design. It is of important strategic meaning to study the key technologies and improve independent innovation design capability, manufacturing and over the handling of the cutter head.
We redesign the cutter head opening ratio for the next project. If the cutter head is not good enough for revision, a new one is fabricated in E-Berk facilities. All welding operators are certified according to EN ISO 9606-1. Welding operations are performed according to AWS D1.1..


The level of wear and tear of the TBM that completes a tunnel is expected to be very high and all TBM units will be inspected, tested, repaired or replaced for the next project.
Sometimes a broken cable in back up facilities causes long downtime inside the tunnel. E-Berk Team knows that the quality and workmanship of each component is very important for the reliability of the machine. Acceptance testing of overhauled TBMs covers all functions of gantries.


The Hydraulic Maintenance Team is capable of redesigning the system. All the sensors are checked by electricians who are directed by electrical and electronics engineers. The hydraulic system drawings are reviewed and redesigned if revisions are done on the system. Selected hydraulic system elements are very well-known companies’ products. Gearboxes are examined and the worn planet gears are replaced with the new ones which are manufactured in E-Berk Supply Chain.
All the hydraulic pistons are coated and grounded to the dimensions, cylinders are honed or replaced with the new ones. The assembly process is performed by the hydraulic experts who are directed by mechanical engineers. All the pistons are pressure tested before TBM assembly. The test procedures are followed for the performance testing of hydraulic systems which are torque and thrust movements of the cutter head, and the segment erector functions. The pressure values measured are set to desired levels.