Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Right along with manufacturing all kinds of cutter discs; E-Berk is able to produce cutters such as; ripper, scraper, bucket etc. being used in soft soil excavations.

With cutter rings produced from standard steel and heavy-duty steel with the standard profile or hard faced profile in different hardness to accommodate various geological conditions such as sandstone, conglomerates, limestone, marble, quartzite, basalt, diorite and granite. Forged from alloy steel and manufactured in our machining facilities using Computer Aided Manufacturing techniques and 3D-CMM to ensure quality.

E-BERK Produces a wide range of disc cutters with designs and materials best suited to the targeted geological condition. Designs verified by modeling & analysis techniques and with proven field experience at over 100 tunneling projects worldwide. Single, Double, Twin, Center disc cutters with various designs, for all TBM types and diameters in sizes varying from 8″ to 21″.

Did you know these?
Our parts have been used more than 100 projects all around the world.

References over 30 countries, 4 continents. Trust competitive quality and prices with 17 years experiences